Coffee Roasters: Activity 6(6)
Schedule 1 of the Environment Protection Act 1993 states:

6—Food Production and Animal and Plant Product Processing
(6) Produce Processing Works
the conduct of works for processing any agricultural crop material being—

(a) works for the processing of agricultural crop material by deep fat frying, roasting or drying through the application of heat with a processing capacity exceeding 30 kilograms per hour; or

(b) works at which more than 10 000 000 litres of wastewater is generated and disposed of otherwise than to a sewer or CWMS

What this means: You need an EPA licence if you have any single roaster above 12kg capacity, as it can easily exceed roasting 30kg per hr. Alternatively, if you have more that one roaster and if run together they can roast more the 30kg per hr then you will also need an EPA licence.

Guidelines: Draft Coffee Roaster Guidelines

How to I apply for an EPA Licence: Go to the EPA website: Licensing | EPA